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Integrated Systems Management is committed to consistently practicing the highest degree of technical excellence and professionalism established by industry-recognized standards organizations such as ISO and SEI, and dedicated to the continuous improvement processes that are essential to maintaining and enhancing our level of certification.

ISM's approach to software development is based on one of the most reliable, effective and globally accepted methodologies in the industry today, the IBM/Rational Unified Process (RUP).

RUP is a configurable software development process that is based on many years of experience in using object technology to develop mission critical software in a variety of industries.

Our use of the RUP allows us to define a clear, repeatable process for quality software to be delivered to our customers on time, every time. Our processes are tailored to meet customer requirements and are aimed at delivering maximum, tangible value to them within determinable project boundaries of cost, schedule and effort. The Rational Unified Process is supported by tools which automate large parts of the process including visual modeling, requirements engineering and change management as well as documentation and testing.

Whether you want to outsource a portion of a project, an entire project, or your entire software development function, the major distinctions of working with ISM instead of an internal development team are:

  • Your infrastructure costs can be lowered through ISM's robust, secure infrastructure that features all of the latest development and Q/A tools, high availability and bandwidth
  • Your development costs will be lowered
  • You will not need to worry about scaling up or down during the course of any project - ISM's teams of highly qualified, certified and experienced engineers include experts in every aspect and skills range & level required for your project(s)
  • Software quality and reliability will improve - ISM follows a defined process for each project that is based upon SEI-CMM level 4 and ISO-9001:2000 standards, recognized the world over as the gold standards of software quality management
  • Your project timelines/time-to-market will be significantly reduced - a naturally occurring byproduct of using the advanced tools and processes that we use, coupled with our development centers in India give us a virtual 24 hour development window to work on your project(s), 6 days a week (7 if required for a really tight deadline)

Once you outsource a project to ISM you will find that working with us is pleasant, stress-free, productive, cost-effective, and not at all intrusive. We can take complete responsibility for a project if you like, and free your team up for other important tasks - only involving them when necessary (e.g., gathering requirements, having questions and needing guidance from your domain experts, and of course status sessions throughout the project life cycle). To facilitate effective communication and complete transparency one of the first things we do is set up a project portal, available only to designated members of both your team and our team, giving all interested parties real-time visibility of project status, progress, issues, etc. We also assign a US-based senior project manager, who is available to come on-site when required, and is responsible and accountable for the success of your project. Your project manager handles all communications with his India development team so that everything goes smoothly, and you are spared the expense of maintaining/updating high-maintenance development teams and infrastructure, as well as all of the headaches and pitfalls that are part of managing the software development process.

Our time-tested and proven on-site/on-shore/off-shore model is your assurance of the best service and quality at the lowest possible price, substantially reduced risk, and increased probability of success, because we have removed the elements that historically have been the root causes of failure of many outsourcing projects.

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