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ISM Contest Covered in Times of India Press Release on 6 June 2015

ISM project challenge 2015 extends date for entries

 AHMEDABAD: ISM has decided to extend the project submission date till 15th June, 2015 for its project challenge. Students who have missed this opportunity to participate in the challenge can submit the final year project by 15th June, 2015.
ISM is encouraging IT students in Gujarat with high potential to take part in this one of its kind event where they can be recognized for their innovations in the IT arena.Rajesh Yadav, Director-India Operations and HR, said, “We are pleased with the kind of response we have received and are continuing to receive from the IT students across Gujarat. Hence we have decided to extend the deadline to submit the projects and we are welcoming new entries. Keeping in line with our company’s philosophy to motivate and nurture young talent we have decided to give fair chance to every single final year IT student across Gujarat.”
ISM will be offering numerous one-hour lectures and courses to the students at no cost. During these lectures representatives of ISM will be discussing various topics in context with latest industry trends and innovations. This further gives students an opportunity to interact with the industry leaders and to gain insights on different IT based new developments such as Mobile applications based on PHP and ASP.Net, Business Intelligence, Java and many more. The top five winners will receive cash prizes ranging from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 35,000, plus the winner and runner up will receive trophies with their names engraved. Students will be judge on what problem is solved, innovation, complexity of the project, ease of use, usefulness and clarity of the project with proper documentation and advanced technology criteria as determined by ISM IT experts.

Appreciating Mahatma Gandhi and Teaching Leadership

May 27, 2015 – Written by Divan Da’ve

Appreciating Mahatma Gandhi and Teaching Leadership

Mahatma-Gandhi-and-Teaching-Leadership-300x199“I’m glad to reveal a picture of my own grandfather, who was not only a true Gandhian, but Chief Minister of Gujarat and five a time Member of Indian Parliament, Shri Ghanshyambhai Oza. Here is he with Gandhi on a train station in Gujarat. This picture was taken somewhere in the 1930’s. The man in a black hat with raised hand in front of Gandhi is my beloved grandfather.”

ISM Inc. CEO Divan Dave with an inspiring article about Mahatma Gandhi & teaching leadership.

I have an overwhelming appreciation of Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership and immense contribution to India’s struggle for freedom. Through referencing Gandhi’s efforts, I teach leadership basics to the ISM/OmniMD team. Quoting Maharishi Patanjali: “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new great & wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculty and talents, come alive and you discover yourself to be great person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” My belief is while leaders are both born and created, leadership cannot not be taught. A leader to be must want to be a leader. Many leaders are made out of necessity, while few are born with certain leadership traits.

Leadership traits I learned through Mahatma Gandhi’s work:

  • Have a self-initiated objective to achieve, which inspires you. Don’t do something for heck of it. Life is too short and too precious to waste on mediocre achievements. Take an example from Mahatma Gandhi, he had life mission to free India from British rule.
  • Find a solution commiserated to your nature to achieve the objective. Mahatma Gandhi devised the non-cooperation and the non-violent movement, as that was his TRUE nature. He wouldn’t have been too successful on the path of violence.
  • Believe in an objective and solution fully and unwaveringly. Stay committed throughout – even in toughest of times. Tough times are the true testaments of one’s leadership. Set examples your team can follow, always show how committed and focused you are. Throughout his struggle for the freedom of India, Mahatma Gandhi was steadfast in his commitment to non-violence.
  • A true leader devises an effective method to communicate his/her objectives and solutions to the masses. Your team must believe in your project & methods by which to achieve it. Win followers and friends, convert foes into friends and they will communicate your objectives and solutions. Remember everyone is on the Frequency, WIFM (What’s IN For Me?). Show them why, how, when and what they need to do. Gandhi orchestrated many acts to gather masses like the Dandi March to collect salt.
  • Leadership is full-time work. Be a fulltime and fully committed leader, there is no such thing as part-time leadership. It’s said Gandhi worked 18 hours/day, seven days a week.
  • Be a likable leader. Though leadership in NOT a popularity contest, one must make oneself a likeable leader. You’ll have far less resistance. Lead by inspiring, rather than through fear. Many decisions will be hard and unlikable, but everyone you’re dealing with must follow you. One of the key achievements of a leader is willing followers. Many disagreed with Gandhi. There were many freedom fighters, even who believed in violent struggle against British rule, but Gandhi was able to convince the majority of masses, otherwise; a great achievement on his part.
  • Produce results. Without results there is no leader. Leaders don’t make excuses, they get things done. Gandhi, with the help of many freedom fighters, did achieve India’s freedom from British rule.
  • Leave a legacy. A leader creates his/her legacy. During his life and after, Gandhi created many leaders who still follow his vision today. An organization or philosophy created by a leader should not fall apart after his/her departure. A leader creates a principle based organization, not founded on his/her personality. People come and go, they can make mistakes and their image can be tarnished. A principle based organization will not have such an issue.

Times Of India News Press Release -ISM launches project challenge 2015 for IT students in Gujarat

News Updated in Times of India 
Chitra Unnithan,TNN | May 26, 2015, 08.36 PM IST
AHMEDABAD: Integrated Systems Management (ISM) has announced the ISM project challenge 2015 for information technology (IT) students in Gujarat. The company aims to encourage IT students with great potential to take part in an opportunity where they can be recognized for their innovations in IT academic. ISM, a New York based organization with offices in Ahmedabad, specializes in IT services, IT software development, and outsourcing. ISM will be offering several one-hour lectured courses to students, at no cost, on campus, discussing a variety of the latest industry trends and innovations. This further gives students an opportunity to interact with the industry leaders and to gain insight on diverse IT industry domains such as Mobile, Business Intelligence, Microsoft, Java and many more.This program enables students to receive valuable and constructive feedback from industry experts on the projects submitted. The top five winners will receive cash prizes ranging from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 35,000.
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Actual Reference Link on TOI Website : http://bit.ly/1PMUE7C

Chris Congratulated ISM on the New Website launch

Dear Customer,

It is my pleasure to share with you that last week ISM’s new website was launched.  Our longtime client and partner Chris Burnell, Global Vice President – Information Systems from Branson Ultrasonics (a division of Emerson Electric) came to our headquarters to do the honors of making the site go live.  On this occasion Chris and his associate Flora Haas, Senior Business Analyst at Branson, addressed the entire (both US and India) ISM staff from our Tarrytown, NY office, using our newly installed video conferencing system.


Chris Burnell (Global VP – Information Systems) Branson Ultrasonics, a division of Emerson Electric

Chris congratulated ISM on the new site launch.  He mentioned that the only way to thrive in this competitive world is to offer the best solutions at the right price while always providing excellence in delivery.   ISM has been Branson’s technology partner for over 10 years which Chris attested to our ability to consistently meet and exceed expectations. He expressed his satisfaction and confidence in ISM while reminding us not to sit on our laurels.

We invite you to please take a tour of our new website, www.ismnet.com – of particular interest will be our wide range of solutions and technologies.  The site is built for optimized responsiveness on a variety of devices and browsers.  Check back often as our content will be updated continually with the latest news and offerings.  Sincerely, we hope it is an excellent user experience for all whom visit and we certainly look forward to your feedback.

As always, thank you for your support!

Prem Pusuloori
Chief Technology Officer
Integrated Systems Management, Inc.

ISM Releases its annual client survey results.

March 10, 2015
ISM Releases its annual client survey results.

We would like to thank our clients for their continued partnership with Integrated Systems Management, Inc. A short while ago we asked our valued customers to participate in our annual client satisfaction survey. It was conducted by TNS a third-party, independent research company, to protect the integrity of the results and anonymity of our participants. Continue reading ISM Releases its annual client survey results.

Is this the year your healthcare data gets hacked?


Dailydot Press ReleaseIf it weren’t already obvious, cybercrime is very real and security failings are seemingly unstoppable. But with the advance of wearable technology, a different type of breach is coming: the healthcare hack.

As the Internet of Things and wearables open up new avenues, prediction reports from Experian, McAfee, and ECRI say that 2015 is going to bring healthcare cyber security scares along with it.

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iHealthBeat : Health Care Industry Looks To Shore Up Email Security

Email ranks among the most widely used forms of business communication — and one that is widely subject to cyber attack.

Email attachments may deliver a malware payload. Phishing scams, in which attackers mimic trusted brands, can harvest personal information from unsuspecting users. Assailants may crack email accounts or sniff network traffic to steal plain-text messages in transit.

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7 Ways Project Managers Can Anticipate, Avoid and Mitigate Problems

7 Ways Project Managers Can Anticipate, Avoid and Mitigate Problems

“OmniMD EHR and RCM CEO, Divan Da’ve and his colleagues discuss the most common issues project managers face and how to best overcome these challenges, in an article published today by CIO.”

Experts identify the most common (and frustrating) issues project managers must constantly tackle and what steps they can take to avoid or minimize these problems.

What separates the good, or the great, project managers (PM) from the just so-so? How they handle problems when they arise – and prevent them from derailing deadlines and the budget.

Her are seven of the biggest (or most common) problems that PMs face, and what good ones can do to anticipate, avoid or mitigate them.

Problem No. 1: Team members not knowing or understanding what their responsibilities are, not owning their part of the project.

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