Business Intelligence and Big Data


Companies that leverage business intelligence and data analytics solutions are more likely to make faster and smarter business decisions. We empower enterprise companies to do just that with fully customized solutions to manage their data for greater success. From boosting productivity to market intelligence and faster product launches, we help companies analyze, optimize, and secure their data to prepare them for a variety of market dynamics and customer demands. Specializing in small to large-scale modifications, including custom reporting dashboards, we transform existing systems into data management powerhouses that fit our clients’ specific needs and preferences.

How We Can Help

Business Intelligence Consulting: DWH design, dashboards, widgets, reports, and integrated reports, OLAP cubes, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Power BI (Power View, Power Map, Power Pivot)

Data Warehousing: Operational data warehouse building, data modeling, data mart development, data integration, information delivery, end-to-end ETL development, maintenance, operations, and support

Custom Reports/Dashboards/Alerts: Parameterized reports, linked reports, snapshot reports, cached reports, ad-hoc reports, click through reports, drilldown reports, drill through reports, sub reports etc…Default dashboards, user-defined dashboards, KPIs, gauge, data view, summarized charting, notifications and email alerts, and pop-ups

Business Intelligence Tool Integration: The top BI data integration techniques, drag-and-drop data integration, powerful orchestration capabilities, integrated enterprise scheduler, encryption and decryption methods

Data Analytics Services: Analyzation of structured and unstructured data, including text, mobile, web, social, and database. Big Data: HDFS, Hive, Pig, Sqoop

Data Migration: Migrating customer data, transferring business intelligence data, redesigning database schema, storage procedures and functions, collaboration between existing and new applications, source and destination mapping.

Master Data Management: Business and technical analysis of enterprise-wide data, define processes and roles to build and maintain MDM, and guidance in the technology selection process

Data Quality Management: Data cleansing and matching, reference data services, data profiling and monitoring, and knowledge base development

Database Management: Analyzing database requirements to model database schemas, building end-to-end database solutions, installation and configuration, backup & recovery, database tuning and optimization, security assessment and audit, patches, encryption and masking, clustering, replication, mirroring, and monitoring

Business Intelligence Examples:

  • Robust metadata for flexibility and scalability
  • BI suite-based solutions comprised of OLTP database, OLAP (Dim, Cube, KPI, Calculated Measure), ETL tool, reports ( Tabular, Matrix, Graphs, Gauge, Map), dashboard (Parameterized Graph, Drill Down and Drill Up, Expand and Collapse, Tabular), power BI (Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map) and ad-hoc reporting tools
  • Reports compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat applications for easy access and sharing
  • Comparison of KPIs vs. budget/forecast
  • Capability to share information via discussion threads and shared folders
  • Intuitive dashboards including dials, gauges, and interactive maps
  • Single IDE for reporting and dashboards
  • Consistent ETL technology for all data marts
  • Scalable options for data mart expansion
  • Definition, standardization, and reutilization of dimensions

Data Management Examples

  • Consultation and implementation of cost-control measures
  • Consultation and development of complex database solutions
  • Enhanced platforms and IT infrastructure
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Compliance assurance
  • Conduct standard industry testing

Team Expertise

We are Microsoft certified professional developers (MCPD) and Microsoft certified solutions developers (MCSD) with expert knowledge in:

  • EDM architecture, master data management, data quality management, data governance & security, and metadata management
  • Data integration
  • Data storage (Stage, ODS, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, OLAP, Master Data Storage)
  • Data visualization & delivery (Power BI, dashboards, reporting, ad-hoc, mining)
  • Big data (using IBM Big-Insights and Microsoft-based frameworks)