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Enterprises are realizing how important it is to "know what they know". The knowledge resides in many different places such as: databases, knowledge bases, filing cabinets and peoples' heads and are distributed right across the enterprise. Creation and management of knowledge out of data and practices are key to making timely accurate decisions, uniformity in the processes and getting the maximum returns.

Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration
Enterprises need to adopt and make the most effective use of electronic collaboration tools such as email, Intranets, databases, remote access and audio/video conferencing to collect and share knowledge effectively. While planning so, enterprises have to address the behaviors, methods, approaches and protocols which are required to support distributed groups and teams.

Business Intelligence Solutions
By combining data, best practices knowledge and OLAP-based multi-dimensional analysis, managers are better able to manage and optimize policies, budgets and resources in support of fundamental business objectives and goals. The data should be integrated from a variety of sources, including applications, transactions, ERP systems, web site, emails, event information, inventory and asset information to provide a consolidated, enterprise-wide knowledge-base. Managers can identify and analyze complex trends, helping them make most informed and timely decisions.

For the knowledge centric perspective to take root in your organization, the entire team must understand and participate in leveraging the knowledge infrastructure. To create it, you need a dependable consulting and technology partner. A partner who can understand your business and craft a solution that is focused on your marketing, sales and customer satisfaction objectives.

ISM crafts eBusiness solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business and your users. We believe in personalizing the workflow applications, user interfaces, content and context. This provides your customers with a feature-rich, powerful user experience that improves effectiveness and drives brand loyalty. We customize, deploy and integrate latest technologies from leading vendors with your existing information systems. We make sure that your solution continually supports your business strategy, capitalizes on technology innovation, differentiates your business and outpaces the competition.
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