Cloud Frameworks

Perhaps you’re considering running your applications and workloads in the cloud. Hooray! Security is probably your main concern, as it is for most business leaders. That’s why we work with brands that work the hardest to ensure cloud security, including our own private cloud offering. If you need help with cloud, a hybrid, or an on-premise solution we’ve got you covered.


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Analytics Frameworks

At ISM, Inc., we take your data seriously. We are strong in Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, using a variety of powerful open source and commercial tools and technologies, we will work with you to craft an analytics solution that fits your unique needs, preferences, and data sets. If you have a specific tool in mind that you don’t see listed here just let us know, as this is not an exhaustive list. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Polybase
  • Qlik View
  • Qlogic
  • Ad-Hoc Queries/Live Streaming
  • Hdinsight or HDP PDW (APS)
  • HDFS Bridge (Hive, Scoop, Spark)
  • SQL Server Reports, Power View
  • SSAS (Power Pivot/Tabular/Multidimensional)

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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Addition 11g (OBIEE)

Delivers the most robust set of reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard, and scorecard functionality with a rich end-user experience that includes visualization, collaboration, alerts, and more.

Oracle Database Solutions

With fully automated database provisioning, management, and performance tuning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud makes it easy to operate databases so you can focus on higher value business tasks and drive new monetization opportunities from your data.



Java is at the heart of our digital lifestyle. It’s the platform for launching careers, exploring human-to-digital interfaces, architecting the world’s best applications, and unlocking innovation everywhere – from garages to global organizations.

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As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner for over a decade, our team is extremely conversant with Microsoft’s top-rated tools and technologies. Businesses need a highly productive and collaborative workforce enabling their people to work where they want—in the office, the field, or at home – and making it easy for them to collaborate around the world is key to innovation. Let us show you how Microsoft and ISM can help.

> Azure

> .Net

> Office 365

> Power BI

> SQL Server

> Xamarin





InterSystems Ensemble® comes with everything you need to capture, share, understand, and act upon your organization’s most valuable asset – your data. There is no need to spend time and money assembling and “bolting together” multiple tools to gain all the capabilities you want in an integration environment. Ensemble has it all. Every element of your integrated solution is stored as an object in Ensemble’s high-performance, multi-model data repository. By providing a consistent, unified view of the underlying systems, applications, and services in a solution, Ensemble greatly reduces the complexity typically associated with integration projects. Solutions are quicker to develop, and easier to manage.

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