Forty-one percent of eBusiness & eCommerce customers are only somewhat engaged, according to a recent study by ISM, Inc.  Our findings indicate there is more work to be done to meet the ever-changing needs and preferences of the modern B2B customer.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • > The complete findings from our study
  • > Tips to increase B2B customer engagement
  • > The top three issues B2B customers face when conducting eBusiness
  • > The role of social, cloud, mobile, and analytics in B2B customer engagement


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Why leaders must adopt cutting-edge technologies to achieve a competitive advantage

While this white paper examines the reasons for investing in and implementing ML and AI across the enterprise, it also breaks down the myths surrounding these technologies. Leaders shouldn’t worry that ML and AI will usher in the end of their workforce, for these tools open new doors that will inevitably advance business processes and reduce maintenance costs to improve growth.

data science


Find out how manufacturers can modernize their analytics capabilities to identify new opportunities and innovate across the enterprise. Imagine having a single stream of data from multiple sources. Imagine transforming that stream into a highly visual and forward-looking blueprint that can be monetized? How valuable would those insights be?

Download the white paper to see how modern data science makes gaining valuable insights easy.