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Websites are seldom static anymore these days, as more and more companies learn how to exploit the power of the Internet to build awareness, expand existing markets and explore new markets, and a whole lot more. In today's growing and evolving Digital Economy, where only the tough, resourceful, and agile competitors grow and thrive, it is vitally important to have a Website that is agile as well. An integrated Content Management system (CMS) that gives your key stakeholders - e.g., marketing, product management, engineering, sales, customer support, etc. - the ability to easily create and modify content, change/improve the message, introduce new products, etc., will give your team the flexibility and control to both lead your market, and fight off more challenges than ever before in the history of business. Only now they occur minute-by-minute. For better or worse the "good old days" are long gone when you had days, weeks, or even months to respond to new business challenges.

ISM continually evaluates CMS products that we can recommend to our clients, and that we can integrate with Web projects we develop for them, that fall within a particular set of criteria:

  • Completely browser-based solution
  • Easy to use for the content managers
  • Simple administrative tools for controlling role-based access rights
  • Content-approval structured workflow process
  • Content check-in/check-out for distributed users
  • Content publishing, archiving and versioning for backups
  • Content templates for consistent output
  • Ready to use controls and components
  • Support for Unicode & Open Standards
  • Depth in functionality, flexibility, scalability & capacity
  • Low cost license fees for individual and Enterprise editions
  • Software License includes Source Code
  • Software Maintenance plans available
  • .NET-based - a key consideration both for integrating CM into various Website workflows, as well as for enabling any customization our clients may require
  • Intuitive interface with true WYSIWYG, to make it exceptionally easy for any level of user, and especially non-technical users to keep their site content always fresh and relevant

We will offer our recommendations for the "right" CMS for your requirements, if requested; and if that recommendation is taken we will either license the software for you at cost (the price from the vendor), or you can license it directly from the vendor. No matter which CMS you choose (e.g., you already have an Enterprise CMS in place, and don't need our recommendation), ISM has the experience and skill to integrate the CMS into the structure and workflow of Web projects we develop for you.

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