Culture & Values


Vision: Take an innovative approach to helping clients meet and exceed their information technology goals. Become a trusted IT solutions provider and partner, helping enterprise companies across the globe tackle a multitude of business challenges, capture unforeseen opportunities, and achieve impressive results.

Mission: Obtain status as one of the top 3 IT solutions providers for the manufacturing and healthcare industries, and to:

  • Innovate our IT solutions constantly.
  • Make continuous improvements in our processes and delivery systems.
  • Be a knowledge-driven organization that fosters a culture of  engagement, well being, and professional development for employees.
  • Become the preferred IT partner for business leaders by building strong customer relationships and  being a responsible corporate, social citizen.

Trust is at the center of everything we do. It is the common thread between us and our stakeholders. As such, our values touch everyone we connect with.

      • Our thoughts, speech, and actions will work in synchronization.
      • Whatever we do, we will do our best.
      • Whatever we do will be in best interest of the customer.
      • We will build our employees, who will build our organization.
      • Whoever interacts with us will be delighted (clients, employees, shareholders, vendors, Government, etc.)
      • We will live completely fulfilled lives (professionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and socially)
      • We will not ask anyone to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves.
      • While doing all of this we will have fun.


CEO Promise

Divan (Divyang) Da've-CEO-OmniMD-ISM

Divan Dave – CEO ( Integrated Systems Management, Inc.)

“Our values are at the core of everything we do. I ask myself daily if our stakeholders are happy. Whether you’re a client, an employee, or a vendor, we are committed to providing them with a delightful experience.