DB2: Next-Generation Data Platform for Business that Never Stops

DB2 combining always-on transactional processing with speed-of-thought analytics, it build for continuous data availability and scalability of high-throughput transactional workloads. It is designed for extremely fast time to value and operational simplicity, and can be deployed on-premises or through the cloud for maximum flexibility.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration offers in-memory and columnar data store capabilities with advanced compression and hardware exploitation techniques. This is the result in faster analytic query processing.

It is also offer NoSQL database capabilities – XML, RDF, JSON and Graph that enable mobile, social and web application data to be stored in its native form in DB2, Its NoSQL JSON technology supports the MongoDB application programming interface (API), allowing developers to rapidly prototype new applications to complement enterprise systems of record with systems of engagement.

DB2 can dramatically reduce storage cost with deep compression technologies that compress tables, indexes, logs temporary space and backup data. It allows to keep more data in memory, thereby avoiding performance robbing disk I/O.

Business Value offerings:

  • BLU Acceleration In-Memory
  • DB2 Business Application Continuity
  • Advanced Recovery Feature
  • DB2 Encryption
  • DB2 Performance Management

Some of the advance features of DB2:

BLU Acceleration: Delivers the breakthrough performance of in- memory columnar processing without the cost or limitations of in- memory- only systems, dramatically simplifying and speeding the delivery of business insight from data.

Compression: Helps reduce storage needs and increase performance using multiple techniques, including table and index compression with page- level compression and DB2 with BLU Acceleration with advanced encoding, to maximize compression of columnar tables.

MQ replication/CDC:  Replicates large volumes of data at very low levels of latency

Column store: Improves performance and reduces consumption of processor, memory and I/ O resources for analytics workloads by directing scans to values in a particular column or columns, avoiding the need to process all data in a table.

Materialized query tables (MQTs): Improves the performance of complex queries with the pre-computed results of the whole or parts of queries in MQTs

ISM provides proficient managed database services for DB2, SQL Server, MYSQL and Oracle database environments and even versatile platforms with a supreme level of service, support and affordability. By combining strong tools and progression, we are able to create cost containment and superior access to our DBA Specialists in the delivery of our managed database services. Thus ISM provides 360 degree Service Delivery Options to meet customer Essentials.

Administration Build Services
  • User / Schema Management
  • Configuration / Space Management
  • DB Refresh / Cloning
  • Migration / Upgrade
  • Database Software Installation
  • Database Creation
  • Tools Configuration
Optimize High Availability / DR
  • Capacity Planning
  • Database Consolidation
  • Automation
  • Virtualization
  • Configuration Cluster and Replication
  • Configure Standby / Mirroring
  • Disaster Recovery Setup / Drill
  • Always On Configuration
Backup & Recovery Monitoring
  • Define Backup & Recovery Strategy
  • Backup Configuration & Implementation
  • Backup Validation
  • Availability & Performance Monitoring
  • Backup / Space Monitoring
  • Scripted Health Checks