Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Interoperability


Secure, real-time connectivity and collaboration is critical for healthcare providers and payers. It’s no surprise then that OmniXchange, a division of ISM, Inc. that specializes in healthcare interoperability, has seen much success over the years. Interoperation has gained traction in the healthcare industry with overwhelming buy-in from executives who are committed to innovation, and recognize the need for seamless and secure data exchanges across a variety of channels.

From private practices, hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and labs to state registries, and communities, OmniXchange enables secure application-to-application messaging for healthcare professionals, including Continuity of Care Documents (CCD), patient demographics, appointment scheduling, change requests, syndromic data, immunization, lab results, radiology, transcriptions, and all message types under Clinical Document Architecture (CDA).

Using a hub-and-spoke model, OmniXchange enables standards-based messaging, secured connectivity, easy implementation, and monitoring.

How OmniXchange Helps:

  • Eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces
  • Enables standards-based messaging such as all HL7 message types, including the new Clinical Document Architecture and EDI
  • Compatible with PDF, common image formats, and other document types
  • Secure data connectivity (HTTPS, FTPS, VPN, TCP/IP 128 bit AES encryption)
  • Data validation on the fly
  • Data tracking (audit trial)
  • Easy to use and maintain web-based system
  • Integration of your transaction universe through a single platform
  • Dashboard for monitoring and managing message flow
  • Automated, event-based alerts and business process automation, including human workflow and business rules capabilities
  • Easily add new HL7 interfaces without programming
  • Robust, reliable, and cost effective