InfoSphere Data Explorer : Enhanced 360* View of the Customer

Business today are fuelled by information that is growing at a rapid pace. Organizations have a growing need to store more and more data, access this data securely, extract contextual intelligence, and transform data into tangible business capabilities.

InfoSphere Data Explorer is a leading provider of discovery and navigation software for enterprise-wide data. The InfoSphere Data Explorer platform focuses on Information Optimization for organizations:

  • Unlock and Optimize enterprise data for true business value
  • Drive better innovation, real-time decisions and actionable insight

Three ways that Data Explorer Works for Your Data

  • Information Connectivity
    • Broad IO Connectivity
      • Federation, Global Access, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Device
    • Security
      • Authentication – log in
      • Authorization – showing what a user is allowed to see
    • Real Time Content Delivery
  • Contextual Intelligence
    • Combining Structured & Unstructured
    • Navigation
    • Relevancy
  • Organizational Capabilities
    • Intuitive End-User Experience
    • Expertise Location
    • Professionalization
    • Collaboration

Some of the benefits of using InfoSphere Data Explorer are:

  • 360 view of Customers, partners, products, suppliers, etc.
  • Information from many sources all in a single view
  • Content proactively pushed based on context
  • Collaboration module
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Information Optimization Assessment service offering to define business purpose and application

IBM Skill Sets

  • Visualization & Discovery:
    • BigSheets, Dashboard & Visualization
  • Application & Development:
    • Text Analytics, Pig, JAQL, Hive
  • Analytics Engines:
    • R, AQL, HIL
  • Workload Optimization:
    • ZooKeeper, Oozie, Pig, Hive, Big SQL, HCatalog
  • Integration:
    • Flume, Sqoop
  • Runtime, Data Store and File System:
    • MapReduce, HBase, HDFS