InterSystems Technology

InterSystems Ensemble® is a seamless platform for rapid connectivity and the development of integration applications. Sophisticated technology supports Ensemble’s ability to make any integration project easier and faster to complete. It starts with the proven, powerful, and massively scalable object technology of the InterSystems Caché database. All elements of Ensemble are modeled as object classes in the Caché database. By establishing enterprise service bus (ESB) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructures, Ensemble enables the creation of composite applications that preserve and extend previous software investments.

Intersystem Ensemble Technology

Advanced messaging: The messaging functions inside Ensemble are one part of a whole that, like all other parts, takes advantage of Ensemble’s powerful object model and high-performance data and metadata storage to enable rapid development and ease of management.

Rapid and reliable messaging engine: Speed of development, high performance, reliability of deployed solutions, and management efficiency are the primary benefits of the Ensemble messaging engine.

Extensive and extendable adapter library and framework: Ensemble adapters provide out-of-the-box connectivity and data transformations for packaged applications, databases, industry standards, protocols, and technologies — including SQL, HL7, SOAP, HTTP, FTP, SAP, TCP, LDAP, Pipe, Telnet, and Email.

Visual and flexible data transformation: Ensemble has powerful graphical and code-based data transformation Capabilities Bridge. Ensemble stores the mappings and calculations that govern data transformations as objects in its embedded database.

Efficient and productive development environment: It has efficient and productive object oriented development environment. Support for rapid service-oriented development of composite applications by enabling transparent access to SOAP and other service-oriented architectures, such as REST.

End-to-end management: Ensemble’s browser-based management portal provides extremely powerful yet easy-to-use features that leverage this information to simplify management and monitoring. Ensemble’s Visual Trace facility gives administrators the power to trace messages, and examine their content, as they move through the system. It also provides powerful analysis and reporting functions for real-time visibility into business processes, and troubleshooting.