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leveraging ecm
How many times have you encountered this situation: One of your suppliers checks the payment status of a recent invoice and you launch into a frantic search for the document? Alternatively, what happens when the auditor requests to review a five-year-old document? The whole process of managing digital documents (i.e.Continue Reading
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Inside the Insights of Your IoT Devices
If you’ve ever consulted your fitness tracker, or conferred with Alexa or Siri, you know that it’s impossible to deny the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). With so many “smart” devices on the market, it almost feels as if the science fiction scenes of the silver screen areContinue Reading
How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Healthcare
For the past decade, we’ve experienced an exponential increase in the rate at which technology advances. Leading the charge are steady advances in how Big Data is harnessed to improve our personal and professional lives. Big Data, in all its many facets, is the quintessential component of data science. And,Continue Reading
data privacy
For years, top executives and thought leaders spent valuable time and money pondering the possibilities and implications of Big Data. Yet, some failed to take their own advice and implement their own recommendations. Now, however, as artificial intelligence and machine learning gain momentum, it almost feels like history’s repeating itself—exceptContinue Reading
Like most business buzzwords, “enterprise mobility” isn’t new and leaders often use the term in passing with little regard for its true implications. Despite the fact that many executives acknowledge the value of “going mobile” as an inevitability, few recognize that waiting can be damaging. Just as “all work andContinue Reading