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Computers weren’t always personal. Long before the average customer could carry the entire Web in their back pocket, these revolutionary devices consumed entire rooms. They might seem like mammoth, prehistoric contraptions to people now, but they launched society into the future that we now call the present. Yet while theContinue Reading
A Moment of Clarity in Data ScienceFeb2018
A few weeks ago, someone asked: “How will big data impact data warehousing?” Before answering this question, I feel compelled to clarify a few common misconceptions about big data and data science in general. We sometimes confuse Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP); data warehouses with dataContinue Reading
mobile app
  The mobile revolution has forever altered how we live, work, and play. We depend on our smartphones to communicate, find information, and be productive at will. Most companies have already adopted a mobility strategy to improve a host of business outcomes, transforming their people, processes, and technologies to suitContinue Reading
ISM - IT Infrastructure Refresh
Nothing lasts forever. This truism also applies to IT infrastructure. Technology advances at lightning speeds, making it difficult for aging servers and systems, cobbled networks, and stale strategies to meet the changing needs of a modern organization. Disruptive technologies including mobile, social, analytics, and cloud are forcing companies to rethinkContinue Reading

The Evolution of eBusiness

  According to Google research, 89% of U.S. marketers reported that personalization on their websites or apps resulted in an increase in revenue. B2B companies are forced to keep pace with customers’ digital preferences and high expectations now more than ever. Customers are comparing the B2B online experience to theContinue Reading