Oracle has wide range of products: Oracle DB, OBIEE, Business applications and so on. Organizations today need continuous intelligence to identify growth opportunities, streamline costs, enhance operational efficiencies and increase profitability. In the current business environment characterized by shrinking time to market, enhanced competition and a dynamic business and technology landscape, availability or non-availability of meaningful business intelligence can decide the success or failure of an enterprise. Oracle helps in all the aspect.

Using OBIEE organization can enhance their analytical capability by creating different dashboard and ad-hoc model. This tool also help in accessing both tabular and multidimensional data.

OBIEE is full featured BI Reporting tool featuring dashboards and alerts that can access various data sources.

Oracle database have many features that not only provide best performance for database but also provide security of the data, good data administration and many other that are related with database like storage cost, redundant service for high-availability etc. some of the highlighted features include :

  • Reduces Server & Storage cost
  • Improve System Performance
  • Most efficient use of IT budget
  • Increase DBA productivity
  • Eliminate idle redundancy in data centers

ISM Provide Oracle Framework to help organization orchestrate business insights to enhance Operational Efficiency, Performance Management, Predictive Analysis and Return on investment.