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Harry Pascal, CEO of Real Estate portfolio management software company:
"We have an immensely complex program with over a hundred of thousand lines of calculations. It needed an update to new user interface, and many more features. We are talking about a five thousand-mandate job here. We worked with two other companies, and failed both times after spending a lot of money. ISM was able to truly understand the underlying program, and acquire the domain knowledge - in this case, large-scale financial analyses that had to work flawlessly. Thanks to the quality of ISM's technical and business professionals, we were able to come up with a program that far exceeded our expectations; and more importantly exceeded the expectations of our clients. One of the best features of working with ISM is the ability of their staff to work with and discuss issues with top level personnel of our clients."

Shawnn Smark, Program Manager, IT Client Services, Gateway Computers:
"We chose ISM because of their understanding of the Supplier Enablement vertical. ISM has provided us a single point of connection to our customers, eliminating the need for us to invest in multiple customer driven e-commerce solutions, and deal with all that complexity."

Manager Business Applications, Manufacturing Company:
The eBusiness solutions that ISM has built have enabled us to streamline our processes, improve productivity, lower our costs, and provide a level of customer service that delights our customers, and gives us a competitive edge. Our employees – especially our sales team – and our suppliers also appreciate the improved productivity. The applications are geared to their specific needs, and eliminate non-value-added tasks, allowing them to work more efficiently, and focus on more meaningful tasks.

Director Worldwide IT, Manufacturing Company:
Our company has partnered with ISM since January 2006. Since this time, ISM has successfully developed and consolidated a number of separate web-based applications under a single cohesive modular platform that has greatly reduced IT administrative overhead while at the same time increased end user functionality. All projects to-date have been delivered on time and on budget.
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