User Experience Design

shutterstock_155210348User Experience Design (UX/UXD/UED/XD) is a customer-focused process that aims to enhance the overall experience for customers and users as they interact with brands and their products and services. Common enhancements include improvements in usability, accessibility, and general satisfaction across a number of channels. UX coupled with User Interface Design (UI), ensure a seamless experience by taking the functionality, layout, and creative elements of those channels into account. Both are essential to sales, marketing, and service success.

Customers’ demand a great user experience and if companies don’t meet their expectations, the competition will. At ISM, Inc., we help enterprise companies elevate UX and UI by creating dynamic and engaging experiences that are satisfying and memorable. Creating engaging experiences are imperative to brand loyalty and advocacy.

We conduct a thorough touchpoint analysis—even the ones you don’t control directly. A thorough User Experience (UX) analysis identifies the needs and preferences of your users. At ISM, Inc., we examine the entire journey from the first touch to uncover hidden obstacles and potential areas for improvement.

Broken processes, errors, and other complexities result in lost interest and abandonment. Understanding the micro moments of delight and pain along a person’s journey is invaluable to companies, and therefore a huge priority for the customer-centric enterprise.