User Experience Design

Smart businesses know that a seamless experience is essential for end-user engagement. User Experience Design (UX/UED) aims to enhance the overall experience for end-users as they interact with a brands internal/external sites and/or IT applications. Common enhancements include improvements in usability, accessibility, and general satisfaction across a number of channels. UX coupled with UI (User Interface Design), ensure an even better experience by taking the functionality, layout, and creative elements into account. Both are essential to boosting a host of outcomes including, productivity, adoption, loyalty, and ultimately revenue.

We help enterprise companies better understand the drivers of business and brand value through:

  •  Touchpoint Analysis: Even the ones you don’t directly control. A strategic UX evaluation will determine the true nature and outcome of interactions with your brand. We evaluate what motivates end-users from newbies to power users, pinpoint potential trouble areas, and then provide practical recommendations for how to remove the obstacles that are preventing a seamless experience.
  • Evaluate Moments of Truth: User experience evaluations highlight those critical interactions that have higher impact to your business. These key metrics can help you prioritize where to direct your efforts and resources.
  • Emotional Responses: The more emotionally connected a user is with your brand, the more engaged she/he will be. Once we’ve identified the positive aspects of interacting with your brand, you can repeat those same positive experiences in other channels.
  • Brand Analysis: Understanding how value is created, where it is created and the relationship between brand value and business value is a vital input to strategic decision making.
  • Holistic Approach: The best user experience evaluations consider the perspectives of all stakeholders, internally and externally. We engage the companies we work with by encouraging participation in various exercises such as persona building, contextual inquiries, heuristic evaluation, and more.