Interoperability and Integration for Accountable Care Organizations

For some time now, ACOs prime focus has been clinical structured data for fuelling analytics or intelligent solution around big-data finally leading to improved patient care.

To improve outcomes, reduce cost and providing coordinate care, sharing clinical data between complex systems within an organization or between different organizations is critical.

Over the years ISM has collected extensive knowledge in connecting to virtually any EHR/PMS system, patient registries or medical devices and delivering computable structured data. We have sophisticated tools for data extraction, identification of delta changes and delivery of data with monitoring and alerts.

The organisation can focus on patient-centred solutions including analytics, revenue management, impacts of intervention and patient registries ultimately leading to reduced costs while we act as a backbone to the organization and deliver measurable clinical data in one structured format irrespective of the primary source system.

Our excellent cost-effective solutions:

ACO – Connectivity Solutions

Precise measurable clinical data is the foundation of population health management. ISM is a one-stop-solution for all the connectivity and data acquisition requirements. We have HIPAA-compliant solutions that extracts and normalizes patient data across major EMR and practice management systems to improve the value of care.

Based on specific requirements, our sophisticated tools extracts and securely delivers any delta records on a periodic basis. We act as a backbone to the organization and deliver structured clinical data in the preferred format.

Population Health Management:

Required data from disparate source systems is provided as required enabling to gain a complete view of the patient population.

  • Predict risk in a timely manner, reduce preventable costs, and provide quality care
  • Supports:
  • Clinical Benchmarks
  • Analytics Platforms
  • Quality Measures Reporting (ACO, MU, PQRS, PCMH/NCQA, HEDIS, etc.)

Interoperability Solutions:

We can offer big data platforms with a single integration point for access to all clinical, claims, demographics and administrative data across the care continuum.

Whether through triggered updates or extracting full patient records on a schedule, our tools can deliver data anywhere, anytime, securely and in any format.

Connectivity Solutions:

Our tools allow integration with multiple data sources, providing access to entire groups of patients for analytics and enable tracking of healthcare interventions and outcomes for populations.

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to multiple data sources
  • Periodic delivery of precise clean data

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