Back flushing

Back flushing in Baan terminology simply means automatic issue of materials and registration of labour/machine hours at the time of completing operation or production order. Baan introduced the concept of back flushing in its ERP products and the functionality is very popular among the clients using Baan ERP.

Where Back flushing can be applied?

  • When you have a list of inexpensive materials (Floor Stock items) which is not worth following complete material issue process
  • You have components in Bill of Material where there is no variation between estimated and actual usage
  • The actual operation time taken to produce a manufactured item does not deviate from the routing time specified in Production order

How Back flushing can be configured?

To effectively use back flushing, it must be enabled for both Manufactured item as well as it’s child items (components specified in Bill of Material). Please follow below steps to enable back flushing for both Manufactured and its components:


  1. Open Item Production Session (tiipd0101m000)
  2. Go to Methods TAB
  3. In the Back-flushing section, enable Backflush Materials and Backflush Hours option as given in below screen shot

Backflush Materials

NOTE: If the Manufactured item acts as a component (sub-assembly) of another manufactured item, you also need to enable Backflush if Material option


  1. Open Item Production Session (tiipd0101m000)
  2. Go to Methods TAB
  3. In the Back-flushing section, enable Backflush If Material as given in below screen shots

Backflush If Materials

Above method enables back flushing for specific manufactured item or child component only. Back flushing can be enabled at Item Production Defaults session (tiipd0102m000) to make it effective for combination of Item Group + Item Type. This way, whenever a manufactured or child item is created, it automatically inherits Back flushing settings from item production defaults data.

How Back flushing is carried out?

It depends upon what is the value of Backflushing Method in Shop Floor control parameters (tisfc0500m000). The value of this parameter determines Degree of Interaction with user when Backflushing is carried out



Automatic:         Backflushing is carried out automatically when some production order qty is reported as

Manual:              The user must start the Backflushing process manually by executing session Backflush Materials/Hours (tisfc0220m000)

Interactive:         When you report the operation or order completed, system asks the user “Backflush materials/hours immediately?”

When Back flushing is applied properly, it reduces the time to issue raw materials and register hours accounting.