How one regional lab transitioned to a cost-effective cloud based scanning and logistical specimen pick-up and delivery system

Lab Turnaround


A midsize diagnostic reference laboratory operating in the Mid-Atlantic region serving mostly primary care with testing averaging 4,000 specimens a day.


With a rapidly expanding competitive landscape, the lab wanted to improve operational efficiencies, reduce errors, reimbursement, and significantly improve result turnaround time. They engaged with ISM to identify the cause, create a strategy, and implement the solution.


Double manual entry from one disparate, home grown system to another was resulting in multiple error and rejected claims. This along with convoluted processes caused delays in turnaround time which was averaging 65% completion for next day morning.


ISM found that their core business system, the Laboratory Information System (LIS) was fine. They identified that delays were due to inaccurate and incomplete incoming order information, disconnected data sharing and ordering processes, and lack of efficient pre-authorization and eligibility verification.

ISM proposed a reengineering of their current technology systems and processes including:

  • Building a new interoperable data exchange infrastructure empowered by Intersystem technology. 
  • A cloud-based physician portal enabled bi-directional orders and results exchange. 
  • Preauthorization and eligibility verification modules were integrated into their existing systems. 
  • An administrative portal was added to give clear insight into daily and long-term operations for continuous improvement 
  • A cloud-based patient portal enabled scheduling, bill payment, and results access 


After the phased implementation of the ISM solutions, result turnaround time improved by 47% to an average of 96% to next day morning. Claims rejections were almost eliminated increase reimbursement and cash flow. The other solutions combine with the Administrative portal enabled ongoing operational efficiencies as the order volume increased do improved processes and turnaround.

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