Interoperability and Integration for Clinics

Increasing EHR awareness and adoption is leading outpatient clinics still on papers to look out for a suitable one and the practices having one already to upgrade to an advanced more appropriate system according to their specific requirements.

We have been working with the outpatient clinics for over a decade now and we very well understand the several IT related challenges-issues involved like migrating the old legacy data from the existing EHR, connectivity concerns for the practices using EHR and PM from separate vendors or the critical interfacing requirements like interfacing the outpatient electronic medical/health records to state registries/HIEs, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers or medical devices.

Our offerings are focused towards growing PM system and acceptance by practices overpowering the challenges, automating the practice workflow, minimizing human errors resulting in higher quality connected patient service.

Solutions and Services

Our cost-effective comprehensive solutions and services include:


EHR Data Extraction & Conversion

ISM makes the extraction, evaluation and conversion of existing clinical data from one EHR system to another seamless, cost-effective and stress-free providing speed and accuracy regardless of the source system.

  • Proven and Cost-Effective
  • Specialized expertise with highly customized data extraction and conversion
  • Data conversion tools for cross-reference mapping, testing and project management.



Our EHR-Archive is a cloud-based, vendor agnostic, searchable and read-only archive organized by patient chart which keeps records easily accessible in a structured, discrete format while practices can start with their new EHR system. No internal servers, network configuration or VPN tunnels required.

  • Cloud-based, vendor agnostic secure low-cost solution
  • Comply with Federal Regulations
  • Maintain Continuity of Care
  • Expedite the roll out the new EHR
  • Structured patient records, searchable in seconds; set up, hosted, managed and monitored by ISM
  • Anywhere, anytime access


Laboratory Orders & Results Interface

Our Single Hub Connection proivdes connectivity to hundreds of laboratories with a single connection to our infrastructure.

ISM has been working with laboratories for more than a decade and has established relationships and connectivity with many. Partnering with ISM allows Hospitals/Health systems to establish one channel with us and inherit connectivity to all these laboratories out-of-the-box.

  • No cost to Hospitals/Health systems
  • No internal development for new interfaces
  • Elimination of backloads
  • Minimal project management
  • Speedy interface implementations
  • Built-in connectivity to hundreds of labs
  • Faster support

Comprehensive Service

ISM interfaces come with the added advantage of our resources – we provide full interfacing service to meet your specifications while you focus on increasing your client-base.

  • Management of all the interfaces from start to finish
  • Dedicated project management team
  • LIVE ongoing support throughout the process
  • Access to full tracking system to view/manage our progress

Speedy Interfaces:

Our exceptional interface team, excellent project management capabilities, hands-on customer service and comprehensive knowledge base allow us to build speedy and hassle-free orders and results interfaces in zero downtime.

VPN Elimination:

Single Hub Connection eliminates the hassle of maintaining VPN connections by using secure web services to facilitate orders and results delivery.


Secure HIPAA compliant transfers for all order and results between the lab and practices.


Charge Interface from PM

Charges from EHR → PM, Demographics from PM → EHR

For the practices using EHR and PM from separate vendors and facing duplicate work or seamless connectivity concerns; we have wholly developed interface solution providing seamless connectivity enabling the two disperse systems to act like one.

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Save Time
  • Eliminate duplicate entry for demographics and billing transactions


Clinical EHR and Hospital/HIS Integration

ISM has been assisting medical practices in enabling the secure transfer of data between the outpatient electronic medical/health records system and hospital’s Health Information System by providing safe HIPAA compliant connectivity between the two disperse systems. Such data integrations minimises redundancy of data or services, improve patient outcomes and enhance patient care across the whole medical community.

The transfer of data is usually managed between the sources by utilizing the HL7 code standard integration to ensure precise transfer of data. The data transmitted can very comprehensively includes discharge summaries, radiology reports, imaging and lab results, etc.


Clinical EHR and Health Interface Exchanges (HIE)

The HIE strives to electronically mobilize patient data within a specific region, community or hospital system with the goal of providing caregivers the information required to provide patient centred care. The HIE data is also used by public health authorities to make analyses of community health needs. ISM’s comprehensive, HIPAA compliant, secure integration services help outpatient clinics connect directly with local or state HIEs via HL7 and CCD integration. Clinical data from the outpatient EHR can be easily & securely imported into a local or state HIE for accurate analyses and trend tracking. Data can even be discretely exported from HIE’s using CCD and input it directly into the patient records.


Clinical EHR and Medical Device Integration

Integration between medical devices and the practice’s electronic medical/health record software is essential for accelerating and improving various processes related to the practice’s workflow as well as minimizing human errors resulting in higher quality patient service and a more efficient decision-making process by provider/medical staff.

Medical practices are benefitted tremendously by integrating medical device data directly into their electronic medical/health record system in real time rather than practicing manual data re-entry.

ISM assists medical practices in medical device integration by securely electronically interfacing various medical equipment from companies like Midmark, Welch Allyn, GE, Siemens etc. with the respective EHR system to ensure seamless operation and interoperability thus providing practice staff more time for patient care decreasing the burden of completing patient charts manually.