Today, healthcare providers have a mandate to achieve interoperability across their patients’ continuum of care. The CMS Interoperability Mandate features a series of requirements for data sharing and seamless connectivity. The result of these regulations should improve patients’ access to their health date so that they will enjoy better managed care. ISM develops bespoke Integrated Systems Management that connects systems and facilitates access to data for the healthcare industry. From hospitals and medical clinics to laboratories and ambulatory centers, our interoperability systems fulfill CMS requirements and support the dynamic needs of healthcare organizations and their patients.


Real-Time Data Exchange

Seamless data exchange is a cornerstone of the CMS Interoperability Mandate. Our system knocks down barriers between member data providers while maintaining security throughout the connection process.


Comprehensive Record Access

True interoperability allows multiple providers access to comprehensive records. This enables them to view patients’ health in long-form to provide better, more informed care.


Healthcare Data Exchange Unlimited

Our Integrated Systems Management fosters bi-directional data exchange for full connectivity. Share lab results, insurance plan coverage, clinical records, and other data across back and forth across a secure method exchange.

Promoting Access to Clinical and Administrative Data

Our system nurtures fast electronic access to all crucial patient data, including both clinical and administrative data. Providers no longer need to system hop in order to secure the information they need, and members face reduced wait times for their electronic data.


Prioritizing Security

Seamless interoperability should never compromise member protected health information (PHI). Our system features multilayered security of member identity, authentication, consent and authorization data, and more.


ISM Supports Electronic Access to Health Information

Breaking down barriers to support patients real-time access to health information has taken a lot of work stretching over years. ISM is happy to be part of the solution, helping our clients achieve compliance in their goal of providing coordinated patient care with electronic access to all relevant data. The result means fewer duplications of tests–and fewer errors. The CMS Interoperability Mandate is a progressive step in the quest to provide patients with reliable electronic access to their data.

Our system supports patient access to their medical records directly from their medical providers via FHIR APIs. We manage the technical factors so that essential health information is able to flow with seamless exchange. From claims to lab tests, this information improves patient care across a wide range of deliverables.


Updating and Modifying Systems

The CMS Interoperability Mandate spells terrific news for patients. While healthcare administrators understand the advantages of the mandate, they have a task to transition to the new system, which often requires system upgrades and modifications that require budget resources and highly technical expertise.

ISM develops bespoke systems for our clients. That means we approach their CMS compliance based on their current systems or newly upgraded systems in order to achieve the seamless flow of electronic healthcare records. We feature a team of top-tier engineers who view all challenges as exciting opportunities to overcome obstacles through advanced technical problem solving based on today’s most innovative connectivity solutions.


Contact ISM for Interoperability Facilitation

Let ISM help your healthcare organization transition to CMS Interability Mandate compliance with our customizable systems. We can work with your in-house team to develop a roadmap for completing your interoperability project with efficiency and accuracy. Our team has a reputation for outstanding customer service complemented by world-class engineering expertise. Connecting data ultimately means improving outcomes for patients, and we’re thrilled to be part of that process.

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