Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

High availability or uninterrupted business continuity is a necessity, not a requirement for any business. Manage hosted servers and replication of virtual and physical servers to combat disasters, and ensuring high availability at the same time, can be a daunting task for any company. Focusing on IT resilience by planning and being prepared for any kind of planned/ unplanned outage is essential for companies as IT is the core of every business.

ISM Specializes in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions offers Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service to help businesses build adequate IT resilience and be prepared for quickly recovering your business applications, affected due to natural disaster or human mistakes. Whether your virtual servers reside on our private or managed cloud platform or on hosted VMware and Hyper-V or for your physical servers, we have a disaster recovery (DR) solution for you. Get real-time protection for virtual or physical servers in our cloud with our high-performance disaster recovery services, for any workloads.

Redefine Business Resiliency

DRaaS defers from the cloud-based backup services as it provides,

  • Low recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Low Recovery time objective (RTO) of less than 5 minutes for most virtual servers and workloads.
  • Standby computing, on demand, to help in recovering applications rapidly.
  • Offsite location at Axcient, AWS and Azure

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