EAI & Interoperability

Whether it’s traditional hub-and-spoke or a more agile, distributed, and standards-based approach, our EAI and interoperability offering enables seamless communication among varied systems and applications. From simplistic to complex infrastructures developed in-house or by a third-party, we deliver custom solutions that are flexible and scalable for future growth.

From healthcare-specific solutions to manufacturing, and retail, we help companies eliminate silos and create seamless, secure data exchanges across channels taking into consideration your current and future needs to develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan.

EAI & Interoperability Services

  • Consulting
  • Secure data services
  • Access management
  • Data validation
  • Data tracking (audit trial)
  • Complete system integration
  • Custom dashboards
  • BPO automation
  • Interoperability roadmap

How We Can Help

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