ISMNet® Private Cloud Offering

We get it – not everyone has the same comfort level with the cloud. That’s why we consult with our clients first to assess the actual needs and thoroughly analyze the possibilities. We take your current and future needs into consideration, and then recommend the best suitable approach. When data security and confidentiality is your highest priority, our private cloud service is the most suitable option to satisfy your need.

Business Full of Security

We offer,

  • Robust and redundant private cloud services
  • Hosting dedicated (IaaS) and SaaS-based multi-tenant servers
  • 99.99% uptime with offsite replication
  • Fully compliant with HIPPA and other regulatory and security standards for “data at rest” and “data in transit”
  • Partner with us, bring out the best value from your information technology operations.
  • Core Priority: Data Security and Confidentiality.

How We Can Help

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