Do more than the ordinary and grow your business. Your Lab Information System may be good at what it does but not enough of what you want and how you want to do. Antiquated siloed systems with convoluted processes and human dependencies may be causing costly errors and delays.

Our modular solutions can fill in the gaps and simplify processes without replacing your existing systems. ISM Solutions architect can streamline your processes, reducing the human dependencies with our components.

Our Comprehensive and modular Solutions include:


A Cloud-based, secure solution that connects your Laboratory with EHRs, labs, and software systems for a seamless, rapid, and cost-effective process.


Impenetrable, comprehensive, online administrative portal to manage all aspects of lab businesses, including pre-authorization and insurance eligibility verification.


Advanced interactive ordering and reporting system on a physician portal that unifies functionalities and workflows such as pre-authorization, eligibility verification, and approvals.


Online patient access to view lab results, pay bills and update insurance information.


End-to-end configurable interface connects and supports all types of health information systems and accesses multiple types of healthcare data.


A cloud-based, customizable, searchable, read-only archive that securely stores data in an easily accessible, structured, discrete format and retains legacy data intact.

Omni Logistics App

A smartphone-based online and offline app designed for laboratory route drivers and administrators to self-serve with improved ease of specimen pick up, supplies drop off, and real-time tracking.


Configurable, automated lab report printing solution.

Omni EMPl

Designed to deliver a complete, longitudinal view of a patient’s health identifying disconnected patient data in registries that maintain consistent and precise patient demographic data linking patient’s different records at an organizational level.


Powered by innovative FHIR, our solutions combine the best features of HL7’s Version 2, Version 3, CDA product lines, and the latest web standards for making the most of interoperability with a focus on practical implementability.

Unlock access to our affordable, world-class lab information solutions that makes you more efficient.

Unlock access to our affordable, world-class lab information solutions that makes you more efficient.