Build a Smarter Manufacturing Enterprise

Out with the Old Disconnected, Fragmented Manufacturing Systems
In with a Smarter Connected Manufacturing Enterprise

Manufacturing technology continues to advance year after year. How do you keep up with demand and still leverage your existing technology? ISM gives manufacturing organizations like yours the ability to seamlessly integrate information technology with operations technology, so you can maximize the value of your enterprise information.

As IoT evolves, ISM helps manufacturers with customized intuitive applications with robust analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning capabilities to harness a wealth of data rapidly and effortlessly. We can enable high-tech manufacturers like yours to take advantage of the benefits of smart factories, warehouses, and supply chains. Intelligently connected devices help your organization reduce risk, streamline productivity, improve asset utilization, and enable better decision-making.

Integration Services

Interface/Integration Services

Disaster Recovery as a Services

Disaster Recovery as a Services

Database management

Database management

Our connectivity experts will evaluate your manufacturing processes and technologies to enable smarter point to point and cloud-based system integration.

Secure and manage the flow of information with open source and commercial for comprehensive,   scalable data solutions.

Real-time protection for virtual and physical servers with our high-performance cloud-based disaster recovery solutions.

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