Our Data-Archive is a cloud-based, vendor agnostic, custom organizable, searchable, read-only archive securely storing records in easily accessible, structured, discrete format.

Archiving legacy data is the easy, cost-effective way to retain legacy patient records. No internal servers, network configuration or VPN tunnels required.

Unlike most other traditional data-archives storing legacy data in one tedious PDF; our data-archives retains the legacy data intact in discrete, custom organized and easily readable format supporting full and partial searches.

Salient Features

Cloud-based, vendor agnostic, highly secure, low-cost solution

Set up, hosted, managed and monitored by ISM

Security in-built and HIPAA Compliant

Anywhere, anytime access to custom structured records, searchable in seconds.

Maintaining Continuity of Care

Structured index and quick search

Secure & Scalable Data Modules to Expand Your Laboratory Technology 

Omni Xclient

Point to point configurable interfaces to connect to all types of health information systems and access all types of data.

Omni PatientPortal

Online patient access to view lab results, pay bills, and update insurance information.

Omni ProviderPortal

Powerful cloud-based, mobile enabled provider lab order and results management portal with a smart, simple user interface.

Omni AdminPortal

Secure, online administrative portal to better manage all aspects of your lab business.

Omni Preauthorization

A preauthorization and eligibility verification solution to reduce denial rate and improve your payment cycle.

Omni DataArchive

Store, search and access patient and lab reports in a secure, cloud-based archive.

Omni Logistics App

Online and offline management and check-in of sample pick-up and drop-off.

Omni Print

Out of the box connectivity and one-click requisition and clean order printing.

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