Print is a one-click solution designed particularly for practices preferring paper requisitions. Each requisition is printed out with precise patient demographic and insurance information pulled in directly from Practice’s EHR/PM system leveraging the advantage of out-of-the-box connectivity thus eliminating the error prone, time consuming, manual patient information capturing finally generating error-free requisitions and clean orders in moments.

Salient Features

Saves time and manual efforts

Generate error-free requisitions and clean orders

Maintain data integrity

Auto print functionality for the delivered reports

Auto print in a batch functionality for the delivered reports at a scheduled time

Custom-designed requisitions and labels printing based on laboratory’s paper requisition layout

Multiple requisitions printing per practice

Generic requisitions templates

Multiple copies printing

Secure & Scalable Data Modules to Expand Your Laboratory Technology 

Omni Xclient

Point to point configurable interfaces to connect to all types of health information systems and access all types of data.

Omni PatientPortal

Online patient access to view lab results, pay bills, and update insurance information.

Omni ProviderPortal

Powerful cloud-based, mobile enabled provider lab order and results management portal with a smart, simple user interface.

Omni AdminPortal

Secure, online administrative portal to better manage all aspects of your lab business.

Omni Preauthorization

A preauthorization and eligibility verification solution to reduce denial rate and improve your payment cycle.

Omni DataArchive

Store, search and access patient and lab reports in a secure, cloud-based archive.

Omni Logistics App

Online and offline management and check-in of sample pick-up and drop-off.

Omni Print

Out of the box connectivity and one-click requisition and clean order printing.

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