Secure, online, regulations complaint & cost effective OmniProviderPortal is an advance interactive interface for empowering providers with an online, fast and secure portal access to the most updated lab and diagnostic data; offering the ability to generate lab orders on the go, receiving real-time lab results on quick & handy mobile app and acting as secondary source of data management.

OmniProviderPortal can be branded with lab’s and colour scheme for improved marketplace visibility and brand identity.

Advantages for Providers & Laboratories

  • Real time access to most updated lab and diagnostic data
  • Medical errors & duplicate testing reduction
  • Workload and operating cost reduction
  • Increased outreach and provider loyalty
  • Improved physician and patient satisfaction level

Salient Features

Browser-based, on-demand complete portal solution with real time cloud and mobile access

Simple & fast implementation

Easy to learn with minimal training requirement

Straightforward, intuitive and user-friendly design

Print Requisition

AOE (Ask-at-order-entry) Questions & Group

Lab Orders Scheduling

Patient Service Center

Comprehensive dashboard & widgets

Inbuilt analytics & reports

Internal Messaging

Mobile App

Secure & Scalable Data Modules to Expand Your Laboratory Technology 

Omni Xclient

Point to point configurable interfaces to connect to all types of health information systems and access all types of data.

Omni PatientPortal

Online patient access to view lab results, pay bills, and update insurance information.

Omni ProviderPortal

Powerful cloud-based, mobile enabled provider lab order and results management portal with a smart, simple user interface.

Omni AdminPortal

Secure, online administrative portal to better manage all aspects of your lab business.

Omni Preauthorization

A preauthorization and eligibility verification solution to reduce denial rate and improve your payment cycle.

Omni DataArchive

Store, search and access patient and lab reports in a secure, cloud-based archive.

Omni Logistics App

Online and offline management and check-in of sample pick-up and drop-off.

Omni Print

Out of the box connectivity and one-click requisition and clean order printing.

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