Interoperability and Integration for Payers

ISM has been working with Health Payers for over a decade now and we very well understand the IT challenges-issues involved. We excel in resolving a broad range of business challenges, capture unforeseen opportunities and achieve exceptional results for Health Payers setup.

ISM partners with payer organizations to provide connectivity and clinical data integration across the healthcare spectrum which facilitates:


ISM offers a flexible integration platform able to meet disperse workflows or connectivity requirements.

Cost Savings:

  • Greater control over the relevant data and workflows results in less dependence on clearinghouses and increases potential savings for the customers and partners.
  • ISM HUB Solution – Integration Engine significantly improves and expedites the billing and payment workflows.
  • ISM HUB Solution – Integration Engine can be utilised in conjunction with the payers legacy engine to expand the capabilities without disrupting existing workflows.


  • Payers have total control over the data, driving better business decisions for the organization.
  • Real time alerts to identify and resolve any connectivity issues with customers and partners.
  • Improved outcomes for all clinical and financial procedures with automated data entry and task assignment.
  • Streamlined claim processing by connecting payers to patient health data.
  • Streamlined operations while verifying all steps in the process are followed.
  • Aligned procedures with documented patient needs.
  • Accurate tracking of patient outcomes.
  • Better diagnosis of patients and support delivery of precision care by utilizing population health analytics.

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